Minggu, 29 Maret 2009

Create a Mobile Site

. Minggu, 29 Maret 2009

Do you want to have a mobile site? if you want to have a mobile site, you can create a mobile site at pepronity. I remember, at the time, I do not have internet access from a pc. I can only access the Internet via a mobile that I have. But I want to have a site, and I also wish every day I can update the post. Finally, I created a mobile site from peperonity.

There, we can save the image or save the images from our mobile. We also save our mp3 files, video and posting on our mobile site. So, with a mobile we can always update our article, as we have a blog. We also can visit the mobile site of others, and leave a comment in the comment section. So that we can find a friend from the mobile site we have created.

For business, I think, this can be done from here. We write about our business, and certainly will be read by people who visited the mobile site that we have. So only with a mobile, we can develop the online business that we do

So, what you are interested have a mobile site? you can create a mobile site for free on peperonity.com

I write this article in my language and then I use google translate to translate into English
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